Welcome To The DapperGodz Custom Bow Tie Creation Page!

Congratulations! You are on your way to creating an exclusive one of a kind stylish yet sophisticated modish bow tie.


Here at DapperGodz we have an extensive variety of customary sizes, styles and designs. We also welcome our customer’s creativity, which is why we invite you to create a bow tie that is tailor made to suit your individual style.


Here’s the process:


Phase 1- Navigate to our contact page via the DapperGodz tab above or by clicking here


Phase 2 - In the message box tell us exactly what you want. You have the option to choose between the following fabrics: silk, cotton, linen, wool and polyester. Please mention any particular notes you would like to share pertaining to any specific measurements size, color and or any other details.  Click Send!


Phase 3 - Before proceeding with the creation of your very own DapperGodz custom bow tie we will confirm with you in full detail via the email address and or phone number you provide. 


Phase 4 – Once confirmed, you will then need to return to the DapperGodz website and pay via the custom collection page under the bow tie tab or by clicking here. Once we receive payment we will begin to create your exclusive one of a kind stylish yet sophisticated modish bow tie.


Phase 5 – When your bow tie is completed we will contact you via email.


Please note: Each custom bow tie order is qualified for free shipping using code: DAPPERGODZ. Once you confirm the design of your custom bow tie you will receive it within 2 weeks of payment.